Attorney For Establishing Paternity

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Attorney For Establishing Paternity

In Florida, children conceived or born during marriage are presumed to be the children of the husband and the wife, and all parental rights and obligations belong to both of them. A child born to an unmarried mother is not automatically presumed to be the unmarried father’s child, and the unmarried father does not automatically have parental rights and obligations, including the right to custody or visitation, or the obligation to pay child support.

Our Tampa law firm believes in the strength of the family unit even when the parents are not married, and we advocate for the rights of mothers and fathers in paternity actions. We help fathers gain legal recognition of paternity and the right to have relationships with their children. We help mothers acquire the support necessary to raise their children. We also represent men who are being forced to pay child support for a child that is not theirs.


How To Establish Paternity In Florida


Our attorneys will initiate paternity proceedings and arrange a paternity blood test and DNA paternity testing if paternity is challenged by either party.


We also help fathers file claims of paternity for unborn or newborn children with the Florida Putative Father Registry (PFR). Registering with the putative father registry gives you certain rights, such as the right to notice if the mother terminates parental rights or places the child up for adoption.


In addition to establishing paternity, we assist clients with disestablishment of paternity, termination of parental rights, the Florida Adoption Act and dependency cases.

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