Dennis Quaid finalizes divorce proceeding

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in alimony on Monday, May 7, 2018.

Famous actor Dennis Quaid has reached a settlement agreement with his ex-wife. The settlement includes alimony, child support, custody and property division and represents a complete plan for how the pair will dissolve their 12-year-long partnership. Publicly, the couple maintains that the split was handled amicably and with mutual respect. The positive slant to the high-profile divorce settlement may be a source of inspiration for individuals in Florida considering a split from a partner.

Kimberly Buffington-Quaid, the actor’s former wife will receive a lump sum alimony payment instead of receiving monthly allotments. Her spousal support settlement is purported to be $2 million. She will also receive $1 million for property settlement.

For the care of the children, Quaid will pay upwards of $13,000 per month. Both he and his ex-wife will share physical custody of the twins, although the ex-wife will have physical custody 75 percent of the time. In the settlement, Quaid will keep most of his various vehicles, and he will also keep the marital home. Another home will be sold and the proceeds split between the two.

A high-profile divorce often grabs attention because of the vast sums of assets involved. This case is no exception, from the $2 million alimony payment to the thousands in child support payments that will be paid yearly. The classy was the divorce was handled will also be remembered by fans in Florida. Individuals seeking to end a marriage in the Sunshine State may wish to consult an attorney for strategies to attain their goals with minimal conflict.

Source:, “Dennis Quaid and Ex-Wife Finalize Divorce“, Mike Miller, April 27, 2018