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Wrong man served with child support papers in Florida

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in child support on Friday, March 2, 2018.

Tracking down the father of a child may not be as easy as one would think. Recently, in Florida, a mix-up at the child support office sent officials to the wrong door. The man was later able to clear his name with the help of the mother of the child. A court case like this one could potentially suffer delays and setbacks unless authorities go after the correct individual.

The Florida Department of Revenue is saying that it still isn’t sure what led to the mix-up. The man was confused with another individual of the same name. Police served the man with child support papers related to payments for a child born in 2003. The only thing is, the man was not the father.

The man spent weeks requesting the office to dismiss the case against him. The incident was finally dropped when the mother of the child confirmed that the man who was served was not the father of the child. The agency claims that it did not request the papers to be served at the man’s address and that its database does not contain his information. How the man became part of the case remains a mystery.

The Florida man was able to clear his name, and he did not suffer any financial loss or criminal penalties as a result of the error. Unfortunately, the issue with the actual father was tied up and delayed while the authorities scrambled to fix their mistake. Having the correct information as part of a child support case can be crucial. There are other crucial elements as well, and an individual with more interest in having a support order enforced may wish to consult with a family attorney about this issue.

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