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Weighing housing decisions during divorce

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Thursday, February 8, 2018.

Both during and after a marital breakup, a person can reasonably expect that he or she may need to make a decision about housing. For individuals in Florida, there are a few options. However, a person will likely benefit from weighing the pros and cons of each option, and choosing the one that best reflects the needs and wants of the new single lifestyle.

Remaining in one’s original house is a tempting option for many. The emotional and social benefits include not having a disruption to one’s life or commute. Funding for the mortgage and house maintenance may be more difficult with only one income available. Another option is to buy a new home. This choice comes with plenty of upfront costs and potential credit challenges but can offer exciting new possibilities.

A third option for some folks would be to rent an apartment. During the transition, renting could take away some of the financial and maintenance pressure. While making the decision, along with weighing financial concerns, an individual may also want to think about co-parenting and the effects a move may have on lifestyle. Intangible factors like social networks and emotional ties will come into play as well.

Successfully making the divorce transition will depend on several factors. In Florida, many people desire help with making the many decisions about asset division, housing, co-parenting and spousal support payments with a little outside help. Many of those individuals choose to hire an experienced family law attorney for guidance through the process.

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