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Recordkeeping plays role in child custody responsibilities

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in child custody on Thursday, October 5, 2017.

Families coping with the end of a marriage have many issues to face. Not the least of these are parenting time when kids are involved, and the division of finances. In Florida, a child custody order may call for a very specific co-parenting arrangement. In order to abide by the order, a person going through the divorce may want to track one’s own time with the children, as well as that of the other parent. Some individuals are turning to smartphone technology to help manage this type of tracking.

A divorced father has developed an app that he says will be an aid to families coping with divorce. His app, called FAYR, can help an individual track expenses, events, daily schedules and location, whether the other co-parent wishes to participate or not. That way, when a co-parenting relevant event occurs, it can be quickly and easily documented in the app.

The app can help a person keep track of less common expenses. It can also be used to check in to locations to keep a record of where and when the individual parent was out with the kids. The app allows a parent to print a report of all the documented information. An organized report can provide hard data that may be important during court hearings.

The Florida father is using technology to improve co-parenting with his ex-spouse, but traditional methods, such as a journal, can work just as well. When a person is able to point to specifics as far as amount of time and dollars spent on a child, that person can more effectively argue a child custody case. Many individuals also look to the guidance of a lawyer for help with child custody issues.

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