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Summer tips for divorced parents

n behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in child custody on Tuesday, April 12, 2016.

The end of the school year brings lots of freedom for many Florida children, but when their parents are divorced it can cause some logistical problems as well. Therefore, it is important that a parenting plan include how a custodial and non-custodial parent will handle certain issues during the summer months. Ideally, both parents will know 60 days in advance whether either one has vacation or other plans during that time.

Creating a plan in advance makes it easier for all parties to coordinate custody and other care arrangements while school is out of session. In addition, parents should plan for activities such as camp, youth sports and children spending more time with friends. Open communication is critical during this time of year as issues may come up that prevents a parent from having parenting time or fulfilling other obligations.

Ideally, parents will resolve issues themselves without having to go to court. Usually, a child wants to spend the summer months making happy memories with their parents instead of stressing about parental squabbling. Typically, parenting time cannot be withheld for not paying child support, and child support generally cannot be withheld against a court order if parenting time is withheld.

When handled properly, both parents will put the best interests of the child above their own. In some cases, they may be able to do this through amicable negotiations. In others, mediation may prove to be helpful when certain matters cannot be resolved informally. Family law attorneys will often recommend to their clients that a parenting plan be flexible enough to accommodate any unforeseen issues and needs.