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Family law cases involve the things that matter most to you — your children and your property. When your future, and the future of your family, is in any way jeopardized, the law firm you choose to represent and protect those things is an important decision that will affect your family’s future.

The North Tampa Legal Group, P.A. in Tampa, has earned a reputation for taking on the toughest and most contested divorce and family law cases. We represent the “average Joes” as well as the doctors, lawyers, athletes, individuals in the corporate private sector and the like. We have achieved…

Family Law Solutions On Your Terms

North Tampa Legal Group, P.A. led by its founding partner, Chris Ragano, is an advocate for individuals facing a dissolution of marriage or other family law matters who want to protect their children and their assets.


We represent individuals facing divorce, child custody disputes, paternity actions, support modifications, and other legal family and marital issues. Attorney Chris Ragano has served the Tampa Bay community for 25+ years. From the time that you retain our firm to represent you, we are working on a strategic trial plan designed to protect your children and your assets. We prepare every case to go trial from the beginning, so we are ready for court and emergency hearings in a moment’s notice.


Since we are so thorough and efficient in our discovery, it is possible that we can settle a case at mediation.  Local attorneys already know that they are dealing with a staunch client advocate who will fight for your rights. Our tireless advocacy and tenacity in pursuing client’s goals has established this firm as a well-known fighting source in the legal community for all contested family law matters.

Attorney Chris E. Ragano is AV Rated by Martindale Hubbell, which is M.H.’s highest rating.

Areas of Practice

Divorce Law

Divorce can be stressful for everyone involved. Our legal team can help minimize the stress and protect your interests at a time…

Child Custody

Disputes over child custody and visitation, known as parenting time in Florida, can arise during a divorce or following the breakup of a relationship…

Military Divorce

Military marriages face more challenges than non-military marriages because of the additional stressors placed on the spouses…

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

We represent victims of domestic violence and spousal abuse, doing everything in our power to secure our clients’ safety. We also defend wrongfully…

High-Asset Divorce

High-Asset Divorce

Our decades of experience and our reputation for being tough litigators make us a premier resource for divorce cases involving significant financial…

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Contact Us

Schedule an appointment with our office at 813-295-7854, or send us an email to get started today. We look forward to working with you…

North Tampa Legal Group, P.A.

Our family law firm is diligent in preparing every case as if it were going to trial. We have access to professional experts such as investigators, forensic accountants, mental health professionals and other experts to provide us with the information we need to prepare your case to win.

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Chris E. Ragano, J.D.

Founding Partner / Attorney

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